We offer a programme of live online webinars designed to help individuals manage common mental health issues.

Our programme of webinars cover a variety of topics including stress, sleep and relaxation, as well as worry and anxiety, mindfulness and bereavement. These webinars provide educational and practical help to support you to learn relevant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to make positive change in your life.

Our live webinars are interactive, but when you join, your microphone and camera will be switched off. This means you will be able to see the presenter/s and send direct messages to the webinar organiser over private chat, but they won’t be able to see you. They will respond to your comments through private chat or as part of the presentation. Attendees will not be able to see each other, or communicate directly with each other, to protect your privacy.

After selecting the webinar topic you would like to attend, you can select the date and time that suits you best before completing a short registration form. Once you have completed the form we will provide you with a link to join the webinar at the selected date and time. 

If after accessing any of our live webinars you feel that you would benefit from additional support from our team, you can self-refer online by selecting the referral tab. 

Support for your staff:

We offer a programme of free psychological wellbeing workshops for local businesses, organisations and services to support staff wellbeing. These live introductory workshops are interactive and can be booked at a time that is most suited to you. They typically last 45 minutes and a private chat function is available for attendees to talk directly to our team. The following webinars are currently available to support staff wellbeing:

How to cope with stress workshop
This is an introduction to the topic of stress including some theory, why it occurs and tips on how to manage stress levels. We will explore how to spot the signs of stress, both physical and emotional, and the long term effect it has on our bodies and minds.

How to sleep better workshop
This is an introduction to the topic of sleep difficulties and how to manage them. We look at the importance of sleep for general wellbeing, the relationship between worry and sleep and the practical things we can do to improve our sleep.

Relaxation skills workshop
This is an introduction to the topic of relaxation. It identifies the benefits of relaxation as well as providing three different practical relaxation exercises, guided by the facilitator, so participants can experience varying methods of relaxation.

If you would like to book a webinar for your staff please email: hpft.iaptwebinars@nhs.net