Wellbeing in pregnancy and early parenthood

This webinar is for imminent and new parents dealing with the pressures of their changing role.

This webinar offers an insight into the common triggers and symptoms of postnatal stress and provides guidance on cognitive and behavioural techniques which you can learn and use yourself to tackle these symptoms. 

The perinatal period can be a demanding and stressful time, and it is normal to experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions from conception right through into parenthood.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a way of understanding emotional distress. The fundamental idea is that our thoughts, behaviours and feelings interact in a continuous cycle and have a powerful influence on each other. CBT puts us in control. It teaches us first to notice our thoughts and feelings, then to modify them in small but helpful ways which make us feel better. 

Key topics covered:

  • Increased awareness: use the CBT model to learn your own patterns of thinking and doing.
  • Worry Management tools: respond constructively to ‘what if..?’ and ‘how do I?’
  • Cognitive tools: recognise unhelpful thinking habits, challenge unhelpful thoughts and choose new, more flexible and realistic ways of thinking. 
  • Behavioural tools: basic self-care – scheduling and time management, diet, exercise, social and family time, sleep.

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Self-help videos:

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