Managing anxiety; living with Covid restrictions

This webinar addresses the topic of anxiety that may be experienced due to the ever changing restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many people are experiencing anxiety as restrictions continue to change and this is a completely normal response. In order to not experience the potentially worrying physical symptoms of anxiety we keep away from situations that cause us to feel anxious. But this avoidance keeps the anxiety going. By using strategies such as Graded Exposure and by challenging our unhelpful thinking patterns we can break this cycle of anxiety.

During the webinar we will explore the reasons why some people may experience anxiety around changing circumstances, for example in our home lives or working lives, and look at strategies to help with managing this anxiety.

Key topics covered:

  • What is Post-lockdown Anxiety?
  • The Fight or Flight response: The physical symptoms of anxiety
  • Unhelpful Strategies: Avoidance and its impact on our anxiety
  • How to break the cycle of anxiety
  • Negative Thoughts: How they affect our anxiety and tips on managing them