Beat Study Stress: limit worry and embrace uncertainty

This webinar is for year 12 and 13 students as they cope with the impact of lockdown on study, revision and exams

The webinar explores why we worry about the future, how uncertainty makes things worse, and what to do about exam stress. It provides guidance on cognitive and behavioural techniques which students can learn themselves to manage their own symptoms, stay in the present and prepare calmly for the future. 

Being in a pandemic has hit students hard. Never have they faced so much uncertainty about their immediate and long-term future, leading to constant levels of stress and worry.

Worry is not an inevitable consequence of stress, rather, it is a mental process we can choose to engage in, or not. By writing worries down, learning the difference between worry and other forms of challenge, and introducing balance to our daily lives, we stand a good chance of limiting our worry.

Uncertainty adds a layer of difficulty to students’ lives and can be distressing and uncomfortable. We discuss how to use a range of cognitive and behavioural tools to manage uncertainty, limit worry and move steadily forward with study and revision.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a great tool for managing study stress. Cognitive techniques such as thought-challenging keep you thinking clearly and realistically; behavioural techniques such as exercise and sleep help you stay fresh, energetic and calm. Add SMART goals, activity scheduling and interaction with teachers to give yourself the best possible chance in the stressful assessment period. 

Self-help videos:

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